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Small Baths for Small Bathrooms - Small Bathroom Ideas

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Small Bathroom Ideas

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Small bathroom ideas - here at the Small Baths For Small Bathrooms website you'll find small baths & short baths at 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm and 1500mm in length plus small corner baths and small showers.

Small 1500mm Baths
Small 1300mm Baths

Great value in small baths for small bathrooms, plus a selection of small bathroom suites, small showers & small corner baths...

For those with small bathrooms or simply not enough space for fitting a standard length bath, finding a small bath or short bath to suit your requirements, has previously involved a rather lengthy and frustrating search process around a myriad of suppliers.

Here at the Small Baths For Small Bathrooms, website, we've removed all the tedium of searching for smaller baths by showcasing all the popular sizes in small baths in the one place. What's more, we feature standard shape baths, shower baths, corner baths and a selection of freestanding small showers.


Looking for small bathroom ideas?

There are numerous situations today where fitting a standard 1700mm length bath is simply not an option. Often, the quick and easy solution is to just install a shower. However, many that do this tend to bemoan the loss of a having the opportunity for a long relaxing soak in a bath. Sure, a short bath or small bath can be a little bit cramped but this is often the preferred choice than having no bath at all. Also, where there are small children or grandchildren, having any type of bath is better, as this provides a save and secure bathing environment for them


So do have a good look around the Small Baths For Small Bathrooms website. Links to the different size baths, corner baths and showers are below and on  both the navigation bar at the top of each page and in the left side bar too.

Small Baths Range - 1200mm In Length
Small Baths Range - 1300mm In Length
Small Baths Range - 1400mm In Length
Small Baths Range - 1500mm In Length
Small Corner Baths - 1050mm to 1350mm
Small Shower Cabins & Steam Showers



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